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Feast of the Fabulous Wild Man   Leave a comment

That is today, and as far as I can tell, it exists solely on the internet, and in coupons for all-meat pizzas.  Nonetheless, since I am a man, let’s look at my day:

I woke up, as I usually do, and had a breakfast of oatmeal, one cup of coffee and some green tea.  Hm, not too wild, so far.  Biked to work, wearing shorts in 30-degree weather.  Maybe a little bit there.  Work, being, work generally cant be described as wild: some time in the lab, some time in and two meetings, one of which was for the safety committee.  Uh-oh.

After work I went to yoga.  Nope, not Bikram: too damn hot!  Not naked yoga, either.  I imagine that would be distracting.  Nor was it laughter yoga.  Our instructor does tell dirty jokes sometimes… but not today.  Humph.

Then another meeting.

Well, I figured that if anything was going to get me points, maybe it would be dinner.  Steak tartare, while listening to Guns ‘n’ Roses.  Maybe a little wild.  Perhaps I should go to the woods to drum and grunt next year.  Or maybe, I’m done with wild.  Or maybe not, and it just wasn’t the day for it.




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Happy Birthday, Lord Ganesha   2 comments

Today, after work I went to my yoga class, truly looking forward to it, so I could blow out some mental garbage.  In class we were informed that today Lord Ganesha’s birthday is being observed in India (although it is tomorrow there by now).  Ganesha is seen as the remover of obstacles.  Well, I can certainly use some of that….

Anyone who has been through a divorce, especially from a person who is basically unhappy and looking for others to blame, can attest that this can create some obstacles.  Especially if there is a child involved… and the other party has trouble taking care of herself, let alone a child… and you happen to live in a community property state like California, where the aim seems to be to establish 50:50 custody as soon as humanly possible (because children are considered chattel, aka property).

To do this, the system is all too happy to ignore numerous red flags and violated court orders.  Worse, a ten year-old child is put in the position to keep an eye on his mother and to narc on her if she misbehaves.  Talk about parentifying a child, but I’m sure this won’t cause any problems later in life.

All of this sure causes some potential obstacles, to happiness, to financial stability, to raising a well-adjusted child.  Well, welcome Lord Ganesha, I could certainly use your help.

The thing one learns after practicing yoga for some time, is that these deities are not necessarily deities the way the West sees them.  Sure, many people take the Eastern gods literally, but it can just as easily reside in ourselves as an untapped potential.

So… there is an elephant in the room, but it is a good one.



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