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The slideshow below contains some of my favorite images.  All were taken in Yolo County — most inside  Davis city limits, or on the UC Davis campus.  What strikes me is that one does not have to go far to find the completely exotic.  All that is required is truly seeing and a little patience.

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I am pleased to say that some of these pictures have been requested by local galleries, and have been hanging for local showings.  To my pleasure, at the last show, I even sold some .  This has encouraged me to begin marketing my work.  I have listed some of these images in my Etsy store:

If you are interested in prints of any of these images, please feel free to contact me at


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Happy Fairy Day   Leave a comment

Or, perhaps, it is Faerie Day.  This is just a reminder that, if we choose to see it, every day can be magical.

As is my habit, I took the opportunity for a long Sunday morning bike-ride into Winters.  I do this every weekend that my son is with his mother.  It began as a way to distract myself from the what-ifs and similarly productive thoughts.  In time, I grew enamored of the ride itself, twisting gently through the beautiful farmlands of Yolo and Solano Counties.  But, maybe, I have come to take it for granted. I usually take this ride alone, but today I was joined by a friend, who was repeatedly stunned by the beauty of the farmland and crossing an old, converted rail-road bridge into the town of Winters.

After meeting with other friends for e second breakfast and our choice of morning beverage (green tea for me), my friend and I went to explore Putah Creek from the property of a local land-owner friend (see my previous post for more info on that).  We saw few dragonflies, but perhaps, appropriately for Faerie Day, many, many damsels (whose wings must have inspired many an image of faerie wings), including the lovely American Rubyspot (again, see previous post for picture).  Another damsel — a female Tule bluet — hovered in front  of me for half a minute, at a distance of less than six inches.  It moved up and down, and seemed fascinated by my reflective, fluorescent yellow tech-shirt (I prefer to be seen when biking).  Perhaps it was thinking, “Whoa!  That’s one f”ing huge flower!”  Or, could it have been wishing me a happy faerie day.

If not, it was a good one in any case.



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