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Today I was biking home, going past an apartment complex, when I overheard one of our resident homeless folks composing a rap apparently titled “I can prove you don’t exist.”

That got me thinking (which is usually when the trouble starts, but I still persist in doing it)….

Following this thought through to its “logical” conclusion could cause a headache.  Or it could be a Zen koan.  If the speaker proves I do not exist, does she also cease to exist?  But then, no one is reading this, because none of you exist either.

It reminds me of the old joke from and introductory Philosophy class:

The professor assigns a paper in which the students must prove that “that chair” exists.

The only student that gets an A is the one that turns a paper reading “what chair?’

Ah!  Well now.  That’s better.  Sometimes the only way I can purge these things from my brain is to infect someone else.

Have a pleasant evening, all.





Posted October 19, 2011 by dragonbreathpress in Davis, Musings, Philosophy

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